2 Basic Kinds of Facebook Advertising

There are many forms of internet advertising. One that can work with some time and effort and generally costs little, if any, money up front is marketing on Facebook. By joining groups related to your business’ niche, sharing information with people, inviting those with similar interests, and updating your wall you can attract new customers and keep existing customers around for a long time. There are several forms of Facebook marketing. Two separate ideas, both with pros and cons, are relying on user generated content or pay per click advertisements.User generated content is just a fancy way of saying anything that you or someone else adds to your business’ Facebook page. The benefit is these are free and are great for building your page into an online community that will result in loyal customers. There are many things you can add here that will market your business on your Facebook page. You can write updates to your wall that include information on new products, events at your store, sales, or even answering common questions. Members of your group may add information to your wall including product reviews, suggestions, helpful advice to other members, etc. You can post information from manufacturer websites about upcoming products, product information, or other important updates. You can post independent reviews or news updates from other websites. Basically anything that is added to your wall and markets your Facebook page to other people can be good user generated content. The best part about this user generated content is that it is created or passed along by yourself or members of your group for free. That means no increased advertised expenses!Another way to reach a wide audience is to use pay per click advertisements and other ad space. This can be a great way to attract many new potential customers but generally costs money so you need to factor it in to your advertising budget. Marketing on Facebook this way can be buying advertisements on the sides of page, to go with applications, or pay other pay per click ads.Using a combination of both user-generated content and paid advertising works best for many businesses. Use the advertisements to attract new members to your Facebook group and new customers. The user generated content should be better for building relationships with your customers. As you build these relationships, your customers will be more and more loyal to you and your business. This combination of attracting new business with building up repeat customers is an equation for increased sales and business growth. And combining both of these concepts is cheaper than relying completely on paid advertising. You can spend twice as much for advertising and attract twice as many potential new customers. But wouldn’t it be better to have fewer customers, pay less for advertising, and keep those customers for years to come? In time you can even experiment with other forms of Facebook marketing like creating applications or even writing flash games that direct people to visit your page, blog, or website.